Power juices for our organic farms

Unlike the chemical fertilizers and pesticides that most of our farmers use, the power juices are not only deadly to pests but they also proved to be effective in improving the nutritive value of our plants.

Fermented Plant Juice Extract

As powerful as its namesake, FPJ maintains the vigor in plants and resistance against pests by supplementing nutrients and promoting beneficial activities in the soil. It is produced through the fermentation of plant leaves, grasses, auxiliary buds, and young fruits. Not to mention it improves soil quality and soil fertility. Plants that can be used as main ingredient for FPJ are kakawatekaturaykakawatekangkongcamote topsmalunggay, and mungbean.

Fermented Fruit Juice Extract

Dreaming of a bountiful fruit harvest? The Fermented Fruit Juice Extract or FFJ may be just what you need! FFJ is prepared in a similar manner to FPJ.It is used as a foliar spray to enhance fruit quality. FFJ is a good source of potassium which can speed up plant’s absorption and result in sweeter tasting fruits. It also contributes to the proliferation of good colonies of microorganisms which improves soil fertility. Squash, banana, mango, and papaya can be used in making FFJ.

Fish Amino Acid

The Fish Amino Acid or FAA adds variety to our list of power juices for our organic farms. The FAA, as can be gleaned from its title, is made from fish entrails. FAA is a good source of nitrogen and serves as “growth hormone”, which aids development. Similar to FFJ, it promotes proliferation of good microorganisms and a good substitute for other foliar sprays.


Two more power juices can be prepared as bio-pesticide: (1) Hot Pepper Extract and (2) Fermented Herbal Oriental Nutrient (OHN) using yellow ginger. Both are prepared using natural materials, oftentimes aided with bacteria and certain minerals. Plants that can be used in preparing bio-pesticides are marigold, yellow ginger, neem, hot pepper, fire plant, kakawate, oregano, basil, among others. Particularly for hot pepper extract, insects targeted include leaf eating insects, ants, aphids, caterpillars, flies, mealybugs, armyworm, whitefly, diamond back moth, sucking and chewing insects, and spotted beetles. OHN, on the other hand, curbs infestation incidence of aphids, armyworm, semi-looper, green leafhopper, mites, leaf roller, rice stem borer, powdery mildew.

Full instructions in making these power juices can be found in this link: https://goo.gl/KHjCQj

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