To Keep Sanity, Live Organically

A lady professional, Luzviminda Tancangco, who was once a commissioner of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) put up her own organic farm and a restaurant in Bustos, Bulacan for a very good personal reason and that is to keep her sanity or mental health.

Daily Bread Organic Farm is 3. 1 hectare farm, resort and venue center at the heart of the town of Bustos, Bulacan province. She has put up the facilities for relaxation, team building activities, and growing areas for vegetables, native pigs and other small animals like chickens and rabbits. She has become an advocate of healthy living which means organically grown foods. The farm is not just known for their mushroom culture but also vermi composting, ornamental plant production, herbal plants, native pigs and other poultry products which use the organic way of caring them.

She has put up an organic restaurant along the highway to cater to health-conscious customers. Bustos Organic Restaurant offers delicious meals from the organic produce from their farm. It advocates for the community to eat healthy, and this is reflected in their motto: “Let your food be your medicine, let your medicine be your food.” The income from the restaurant is used to finance further development of their organic farm.

Miss Tancangco has developed a network of suppliers of organically grown farm produce that include mushroom, various vegetables, turmeric powder, coffee from Sagada, honey from the wild, coco sugar, rice, organic wines and many others. She is helping small farmers increase their incomes; the Dumagats, for instance, are making money from the turmeric that they supply to the organic restaurant and store. In pursuing her advocacy for healthy living, Miss Tancangco is at peace and happy with her sanity intact.

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