Vetiver is a rapidly growing grass (Gramineae Family) that has been used since ancient times for various purposes which includes thatching, aromatic oil production, medicine, and soil and water conservation in farmlands.

Vetiver possesses some distinct features of both trees and grasses by obtaining ample grown, deep, penetrating root system that can prevent erosion to control the shallow movement of surficial earth mass. The vetiver grass roots are very strong with an average tensile strength of 75 megapascals (Mpa) or one-sixth of the ultimate strength of mild steel. Furthermore, it is also highly tolerant of adverse growing conditions such as extreme soil pH, heavy metal toxicities and temperatures.

Vetiver Grass Technology (VGT) includes the proper approach of this unique grass in erosion and sediment control in agricultural lands. One of the successful models that uses the Vetiver Grass Technology is the Center for Bayanihan Economics (CBE) Farm, which serves as laboratory for responsible and sustainable agriculture, located at GK Enchanted Farm Barangay Encanto, Angat, Bulacan. The CBE Farm uses this technology to prevent soil erosion, reduce soil and nutrient loss, and help in soil and moisture conservation.

The following are the steps in planting Vetiver in CBE Farm:

  1. Prepare the land by putting the net (for slope area). This will protect the plant to erode.
  2. Prepare the planting materials by separating the suhi (tillers), place it in the pail with water.
  3. Cut the leaves of the vetiver plant to avoid moisture loss from evaporation.
  4. After separating the suhi (tillers), it is ready to plant.
  5. Plant one (1) suhi of vetiver grass in every four holes of the net.
  6. It’s better to plant during rainy season to make sure that all the plants planted will grow.

For those who are interested in engaging on this kind of technology, you may contact the CBE Farm. Vetiver grass is offered at 3 php per suhi (tiller).

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