Appreciative Inquiry Workshop Will Help Improve the Research Output

The Solution Ecosystems Activator’s program called Sustainable Integrated Area development (SIAD) uses Appreciative Inquiry as an effective tool in conducting participatory activities in the community. Having revisited the outputs of the field researchers we found the need for the improvements of the outputs. It was decided that the whole ESSA Secretariat team will undergo an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) workshop. The workshop was facilitated by the SIAD team last October 17, 2019.

During the workshop, the team was able to learn and realize that this tool can be used to extract a desired outcome from the interview. The workshop also brought optimism and confidence among the team and that the ESSA council’s expectations and requirements will be delivered as expected. The team, especially the field researchers recognized that by using a positive approach, a positive result will be the outcome.

The workshop was even more appreciated with the word of wisdoms shared by the ESSA council chairperson. According to her, the interviewee will be very much willing to be interviewed and will undoubtedly share their stories if we (the researcher) will lay down to them the purpose of the interview which is to inspire others to practice organic farming.

The workshop was reinforced by the case conference that happened between the researcher and the ESSA (formerly FSN council), provided a clear direction on the research output. The conference ended with agreement of what shall be delivered towards ESSA’s goal in a advancing sustainable agriculture.

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