Heartmath Training

As has been practiced by the ESSA staff in preparation for the day’s activity, is having a morning breathing exercise.  During a Heartmath training given by Ms. Rowena Ebdane-Suarez last November 7-8, 2019 at Solution Ecosystems Activator, Inc. office at Barangay Liboncogon, Zarraga, Iloilo, this breathing exercise was supplemented with different techniques thought in this activity.  Among these techniques are:  Heart-Focused Breathing Technique; Inner-Ease Technique; Quick Coherence Technique; Freeze Frame Technique;  and Heart Lock-In Technique.

The two-day activity was a very fruitful moment of ESSA staff.  Many realizations and appreciations came up and the bond among the staff was boosted.  Every participants were very truthful with their feelings and sharing of personal experiences and struggles without thinking that others might be judgmental specially that the attendees were not only from SIAD and ESSA staff of SEA, Inc.  The facilitator was able to bring everyone to be sincere and engaged in order to come up a very successful result.

The ESSA staff has been in its staff development/trainings that focus on values formation however this is also a different kind that poses a great impact among the staff because it recognizes the intelligence of the heart.  The resilience that will be developed because of this activity will be of great help not only in the staff’s daily office responsibilities, specially that the engagements are with different kinds of persons,  but on their personal daily life.

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