From Farm-Sci NASSA to ESSA

As the initiative evolved into a more complex system the organization realized that the partnerships required to answer the call of advancing organic agriculture in the country and the world is not merely a partnership between scientist and farmers but a partnership between all the stakeholders involved in the food ecosystem.

The organization realized that the name Farm-Sci NASSA does not capture the organization’s mission and vision. That’s why a few months ago, despite multiple challenges and apprehensions that we’ve established partnerships using Farm-Sci NASSA as a name and the implications of a change in name, we’ve decided to take a risk because now the name “Ecosystem of Stakeholders for Sustainable Agriculture” captures what the organization wants to realize as an offering for the country and the world in attaining a sustainable future. Ecosystem of Stakeholders for Sustainable Agriculture captures the systemic change and the bayanihan values that will birth a new form of food ecosystem.

ESSA is SEC registered organization with the company registration no. CN201974031. The website domain has finally been updated

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