Emerging the Collective Intelligence during the Organic 4.0 National Conference.

Participants gather in separate groups to answer one question as a collective.

One significant difference of the Organic 4.0 Conference from other conferences is the structure of the program. Here the participants are encouraged to participate in the discussions and share their knowledge and experiences from the ground. During the 3rd day of the conference, a few of the participants felt like there was something that needed to be address as a whole. Three participants converged to develop a question address to the collective so that even though they were grouped separately the question will hold them together as a whole. It is also important to note that this part of the program emerge organically  which the organizers allowed. In a sense it became a dialogue with the system which the organizers felt will meet the emerging needs of the collective versus the outlined program.

Here, it is especially important that participants are focus within the discussion as this allows for the collective intelligence to emerge. So a sense of the sacred and respect when an individual shares is required from the rest of the group. The diversity of the participants from different sectors of stakeholders also played an important role as this gives a diverse perspective to a complex problem and contributes to the creation of a more complete picture. This then allows the collective intelligence to birth creative solutions that incorporates the different perspectives and ideas to address complex problems like the poverty-complex and in this case, the climate emergency and the future of organic agriculture.

Karla Delgado of Kai Farms, Teresa Ruelas of Cafe-i (Communities for Alternative Food Ecosystems Initiative and Dindin Daliva of CBE(Center for Bayanihan Economics) facilitate the emerging question for the rest of the participants.
Participants answered the question “If you only have 5 years to live, what in you needs to die in order that a new world can be born through you?”.

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