The 4th Batch of Inner Conditioning Workshop

The recently conclude inner conditioning workshop held at CBE(Center for Bayanihan Economics) in Angat, Bulacan is the 4th batch of participants that have taken the said workshop. The 43 participants is a diverse group coming from different sectors of society, from Local Government Officials, IP’s, Waldorf Teachers and many more among others. The diversity help create an conducive environment for learning and authentic dialogue that allows different perspectives to come together and create a more objective picture of reality.

Participants and ESSA Staff enjoying the social night that was organized by the participants themselves

The Inner Condition Workshop which is part of the requirement to be an ESSA member is always different depending on the participants. Though the main content is the same, the approach and topics will always evolve to meet the questions and needs of the participants. Also a big part of the workshop is the capacity and the openness of the participants to explore unfamiliar concepts and how deep they would like the discussion to be. Changes such as this social night is part of the spontaneous program innovations that can happen during these gatherings as was recently observed during the latest inner conditioning workshop.

ESSA hopes to conduct more of these workshops all over the country as more and more people recognize the importance of the individuals inner condition in attaining a renewed Philippine agriculture.

The 43 participants coming from different parts of the country.

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