Despite the Lockdowns and Food Rationing, Do we still have Food Freedom?

Since the middle of March 2020, Filipinos have been quarantined in their respected communities to protect themselves from the corona virus.   Freedom to earn a living was curtailed and this is just one of the many freedoms that were cut to the normal lives of the Filipino people.  In order to survive, the government, other private organizations and some individuals are distributing food reliefs to the most affected families who cannot make a living due of the current lockdown.

For those who love farming and planting, they use this opportunity to be productive and to start or continue growing their own food because for some, it is better to provide their own food which secures the nutrition of their family.  Thank you to those who were able to share their technology and to inspire others to start and continue planting.  For those who cannot plant or grow their food, they have the freedom to choice what food they want buy in order to feed themselves and their families and not to totally depend on relief goods.  Due to the situation that we cannot go to the public markets to buy food and some of us are not earning at the moment, we settle on what are only available on our tables and houses in order to survive.

Despite of the crisis that is happening today, there are few farmers who have shared their harvest even they have families to sustain. Thank you for the generosity and concern. Thank you for lending a hand to help in responding this concern in terms of food sufficiency and security.  One of the basic needs in order to live a good and healthy life is to have a good food in our table.  People feel secure more than anything if they are fed and most importantly well fed.  But where all these current situation leading us?  The whole world is thinking a lot, and mostly are worried.  It would be best if despite the health crisis and the safety measures being implemented to prevent wide spreading of the virus, we still have healthy food to enjoy eating.  The kind of food that we want for our body in which we believe is best for us.  As we go back to our respective works and businesses, it would be fair that we will enjoy our freedom again. On the other hand, how about this concern of the of the cattle rancher in other country that it seems they will not be able to enjoy eating their own products?  It is a very saddened situation and what if, it will go global.  Let’s just keep our hope that we will surpass this crisis victorious in all aspects – holistically.

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