The best thing to learn during this lockdown period would be gardening.

While the Country is placed under the strict lockdown measures to avoid the spread of the corona virus, most of us are spending our time at home. We are all busy thinking about COVID-19, but most of all we think about how to maximize our time, to be productive and to take this opportunity to be with ourselves, with our family, and with nature. Fresh food is one of the essential needs that were difficult to aqquire early in lockdown. Many have realized that farming – urban or rural, will greatly improve current state in time.

Take a look at what Bhutan did during this pandemic and lockdown. (click link) They took this opportunity to boost their agriculture industry and promote sustainability. This is also what is happening in many areas here in the Philippines. Local Government Unit Leaders are pushing their Agricultural Industry to address the problems of food scarcity.  People and the governments are working together and helping each other to respond one’s needs in able to survive.  This pandemic also opens some opportunities for us to look deeper for realizations and to work with a plan that will benefit the country and for everyone in the future.

For some who have started planting when the lockdown have started, may have already enjoyed harvesting what they have planted. The joy they harvest is more than the nutritious food they eat, but is also taken from the moment of sowing and harvesting the plant.  Also, new methods also need to be learned  in order to appreciate and ake the  most of the effort we put into farming. These methods have been assigned by the Local Government Unit of San Fernando, Pampanga to their quarantine violators. As a sort of punishment, they render community service. The violators are required to plant vegetables in the City Nursery (click link). Isn’t this a very strategic and positive response to COVID-19 and to humanity.

This quarantine period is indeed  quality time to be spent with our loved ones , or to do things that will help us to cope with the anxiety and stress. It is time not only  to retaliate against the current situation, but also to aid the food supply of the future.

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