Binahon Agroforestry Farm Shares some of its Technology on this World Environment Month and COVID-19 Pandemic

June 5, 2020 is the world environment day celebration with an aim to raise awareness on environment or specific environmental issues.  Mr. Henry Binahon, member of ESSA and the owner of Binahon Agroforestry Farm  made a video of his farm recognizing the celebration of the environmental awareness and at the same time during this Pandemic.  Sharing their technology to the public to light-up  an inspiration and to cause appreciation how amazing the environment is.

Instead of celebrating this event by coming together, this time the environmental advocates do their tribute by honoring  the nature through virtual  means.   Mr. Henry Binahon did the same.  The videos he shared will help many what they can do with their own farm or even in their small land area.  The diversity of plants that are integrated in his Agroforestry Farm aims to inspire and inform Sustainable Agriculture Stakeholders the wonderful works of nature.

The soil and water conservation farming they practice can also be applicable to others.  His appreciation how magnificent the nature works,  hope to be spread around the country or even around the world.  It is just that humans need to be sensitive how nature works because nature has a lot to offer for the best of the humanity. 

This pandemic time, Filipino ingenuities flourish-we just have to be always positive.  For the care of nature and for sustainable agriculture, many have enjoyed growing their own food.   This new habit that was developed may always continue so as to contribute what is best for nature and the humanity.

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