Scientific Advisory Council

Julieta AnarnaBiofertilizer Technology
Blesilda CalubOrganic Agriculture, Agroforestry, Participatory Community Development
Jonathan GalindezEntomology
Salvacion LegazpiHorticulture
Pamela FernandezQuantum Agriculture, Seed Science & Technology, Ecological/Organic Agriculture
Ted MendozaEcological Agriculture, Crop Sciences, Organic Agriculture
Maryneth BariosVeterinarian, Animal Science
Jocelyn PerezCrop Protection (Plant Pathology, Entomology), Organic Agriculture, Highland Crops
Alexander FagyanSoil Science, Climate Change Mitigation, Organic Agriculture
Valentino MacanesPlant Pathology, Agroforestry, Sericulture, Coffee Production
Jonjon SarmientoFarm Planning
Joe Ann EscoberVermicomposting, Mushroom Production
Henry BinahonAgroforestry, Integrated farming, Indigenous knowledge
Junah BayagUrban Gardening
Rauol Cañonero Anthroposophic Practitioner
Ma. Cecilia LaysonFood and Nutrition
Sixto BereberPermaculture
Adelino Rico
Reynaldo Gil Lomarda
Jotham Tanasan

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