Mindanao Cluster Initiated a Learning Visit of Culturally-Displaced Indigenous People to Organic Demo Farm

Last August 8, 2020, a group of IPs from Sitio Katandungan in the Marilog District of Davao City led by Mr. Phillip Somozo travelled to Datu Henry Binahon’s Organic Farm in the Lantapan Municipality, Bukidnon to learn organic farming.

This group, together with their President Datu Felimon Campong, wanted to convert their denuded ancestral lands into Organic Farms. ESSA members as well as graduates ESSA’s  Inner Conditioning Workshops were able to establish a network for helping and supporting each other in promoting and realizing ESSA’s objective of Sustainable Agriculture and addressing Climate Emergency.  The fruitful visit and education at Binahon Agroforest Farm hopes to guide and motivate the farmer participants to shift from chemical to organic farming.

This activity of the Mindanao Cluster initiated by Mr. Phillip and Mr. Binahon was an inspiring event despite the restrictions and health protocols imposed in different Municipalities. ESSA cluster members keep on working and connecting with each other to find possible initiatives in order to continue promoting Sustainable Agriculture.

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