ESSA Iloilo City Cluster Launching Week for the Group Project “Kaon Ka, Tanum Ta” – An Urban Gardening, Kitchen, and Communal Garden for Food Sustainability

This 1st week of (August 29, 2020) ESSA Iloilo City Cluster launch its project orientation and Inner Conditioning session as the basic foundation of the program. The first session was attended by twelve (12) households – Barangay Officials and 4Ps parent leaders, six ESSA Iloilo City cluster team members and ESSA Secretariat.

The twelve household attendees is the first batch that will be trained to pass on the technology to the next succeeding batches for the 100% involvement of the whole community in Barangay Cochero. 

The six months project holding a weekly session for eight (8) weeks with module is compose of the following Activities/Topics:

  • Social Preparation & Profiling
  • Introduction & Inner Conditioning
  • Plant, Soil Nutrition & Seed Banking
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Communal Garden
  • Healthy Emergency
  • Vertical Gardening
  • Sustainability
  • Evaluation
  • Monthly Follow Up

The head of ESSA secretariat would like to extend a commendation to everyone of Iloilo City Cluster group for a job well done. All the efforts have paid off.  The first day was a success! The participant’s response is overwhelming and looking forward for the next week’s session with our dear doctors.  “Madamo gid nga salamat sa tanan!”

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