ESSA was Able to Held another Batch of Inner Conditioning Workshop for Batch 5 – Luzon Chapter

Out of the thirty four (34) new ICW participants, twenty nine (29) signified as new members of the network. The four-day workshop was successful and was participated on by individuals from different sectors, including doctors, educators, artist, and other sectors.

One night was spent watching the movie Plandemic 2.  The documentary brought to almost all the amazement at how the consistency of data and the way the story as was presented.  The feeling of mixture of anger and sadness was felt by all. There were little arguments or of a different opinion from the participants as most of the COVID-19 research that was headed by Nicanor Perlas was presented on the first day as a sort of an orientation.

The participants are also now more conscious of their presence online and what it means to be anonymous and why it is important to keep one’s privacy.

Morning activities were enjoyed by doing Zumba, Yoga and Farm Tour. Many from the participants share their talents by singing, movement activities and meditative practices.  The impact that have caused to the participants have brought for the realization among them that they are more eager to do the follow session as soon as it is already possible.

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