Central Iloilo Cluster (CISSA) Completed Their Calendar of Activities in Their 4th Monthly Meeting

Every monthly scheduled meeting of the cluster the members agreed that the venue shall be sponsored by different member municipalities.  Last September 11, 2020 meeting was held at Zarraga particularly at Solution Ecosystems Activator (SEA), Inc. office at Jalandoni Compound, Barangay Libongcogon.  In ESSA’s continuous quest for the advancement of Sustainable Agriculture, the forming of clusters was one of the strategic approaches to widen the scope of ESSA project implementation.

One of the clusters that are currently working on its way towards the attainment of its goal -a product of their workshop during the Organic 4.0 National Conference, is the Central Iloilo cluster.  Every meeting, this group is smoothly taking each step to implementation at a time.  The month of September 2020 accomplishment, the group as able to finished their calendar of activities. The struggle of keeping the attendance of all the members in every meeting is quite challenging but somehow each municipality was able to send their representative/s.  And because they already have their structure they manage to hold their own meeting with the support from the ESSA secretariat.  The group was then able to visit and observe the Biodynamic farm at SEA, Inc., Jalandoni Compound, Barangay Libongcogon, Zarraga.

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