Organic and Spiritual Farming Training

Mr. Aeon Mapa, teacher at Gamot Cogot Waldorf School, a Biodynamic practitioner and a Sustainable Agriculture advocate was a resource person for the Organic and Spiritual farming training at Gamot Cogon Woldorf School last August 7 to 9, 2020. This training was attended by the ESSA staff, ESSA Iloilo City cluster members and other interested individuals. 

The 3-day training encompassed the Inner Conditioning, Farmer Consciousness/Shift of Paradigm away from materialism, Composting, Ecological pest management, Seed sharing and Plot preparation, cultivation and planting.

The participants are preparing the BIODYNAMIC compost. Respective groups were assigned specific tasks of collecting the green, fresh plant material the brown carbon heavy material, the cow manure and preparing the area. This BIODYNAMIC compost was completed because of the “dagyaw” of the participants. Aside from composting workshop, the participants also enjoyed designing, making plots, and planting the seeds and seedlings they brought. It was indeed an new experience to immerse in nature, to understand how it works, and how to contribute in taking care of the soil and nature as a whole.

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