Iloilo City Cluster 3rd Week Implementation

Iloilo City cluster is now on its 3rd week of its project implementation.  As it usually starts, the group checked on each participant after the ceremony. 

This week’s topic pertains to health & nutrition and food for immunity.  The two member doctors took their part in sharing with the attendees how essential these topics or issues especially in this time of pandemic and in relation to urban farming.

Doctor Celia Therese Layson, ESSA Scientific Advisory Council on health and ESSA member discussed about Food for Immunity while Doctor Kristine Louise Trenas, also one of the ESSA members discussed the Health and Nutrition.

This week’s activity again started with the “kamustahan”, sharing on the previous week’s experiences, the topic on composting and their observations to plant.  On activity proper, Doctor Layson gave emphasis on Soil Nutrition and introduced Plant Based or Nutrient dense food.  The two doctors were also able to give meaning of their synthesis on the result of the reflection and realization of the participants on journaling their food sources and how social media influence their behavior in food buying. 

The impact of this week’s activity was apparent on the views and sentiments shared by the participants how important it is to grow their own food and the role of the healthy soil in building the plant nutrients that the human body needs.

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