Iloilo City Cluster’s 4th Week of Project Implementation

The highlight of this week activity is about Soil.  Ms. Joy Ayupan, the resource person of this topic interestingly shared to the participants the soil nutrients, soil structure and the soil food web.  As the group customarily starts with the “kamustahan”, the participants shared their realizations and what have they done so far to live consciously in taking care of their health and of nature. 

To help the participants understand and learn better, the group brought samples of potted plants to show how the each plant reacts on the amount of nutrients they get from the soil and the care and attention its owner is providing them.

The activity ended with the short ceremony intended for the biodynamic compost that the cluster donated to the barangay beneficiary and the planting of “malunggay” in a very limited vacant area considering the barangay’s location.  The participants were given an instruction on how to apply the biodynamic compost during the actual planting.  The Iloilo City cluster hopes that this started activity of planting in the vacant area in the vicinity of the barangay will continue and prosper and Barangay Cochero will serve as the model barangay among the urban barangays in Iloilo City in promoting Organic Urban Gardening to provide a healthy food to the community.

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