Iloilo City Cluster Went to The Municipality of Lambunao and Calinog To Visit the Essa Member’s Best Practices

The team of Iloilo City cluster went to the Municipality of Lambunao to visit the champion farmers and the Municipality of Calinog to personally observe the project of one the ESSA members Marlon Cerbo who is also an organic practitioner.

The Municipality of Lambunao is known for their initiative of supporting the organic farmers in the Municipality (Champion farmers).  Ariel Lastica is a former ESSA council member leads these farmers to be successful in their pursuit of sustainable agriculture. The team of Iloilo City cluster intends to seek technical assistance and other support the group of farmers might offer for the success of the implementation of the cluster project implementation.

Mr. Marlon Cerbo is also known as one of the successful practitioners in producing different products from a carabao’s milk.  His technology in this endeavor and his discipline could contribute to help inspire the community partner of the cluster as well as the cluster members. 

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