Iloilo City Cluster Continued With its 5th Module on Seed Banking and Seed Library

Last October 10, 2020 the cluster of Iloilo City which is mostly composed of empowered women dedicated for Sustainable Agriculture continued on their weekly activity at Barangay Cochero, Iloilo City.  This week’s topic is about Seed Banking and Seed Library.  Seeing how important Seed Saving in the practice of Sustainable Agriculture, this topic was given much importance as many have taken for granted the value of this especially our heirloom seeds that depict our locality’s identity.       

Seed Saving or Seed Banking may as hard as growing the plant to be healthy and fruitful, but the joy of sharing it is also as joyous as sharing the produce.  

Barangay Cochero’s cooperation to continue to learn and to be the first Barangay in Iloilo City to receive these modules and trainings is a great leap to promote that urban community can produce their own safe and healthy food.  Though the preparations for weekly activities and other support provided are challenging for the cluster but because of the response of the partner Barangay the challenges became the inspirations to bring a great impact to Sustainable Agriculture in Iloilo.

May the “KAON KA? TANUM TA!” be known and replicated in other areas not just in Iloilo City to share with others that a healthy soil produces healthy plants to make healthy people.

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