Antique Cluster Distributes Organic Relief Goods from Their Farms to Lockdown-stricken Areas

Over the month of April, the Antique cluster distributed organic food to various hospitals and quarantined areas in Antique. This initiative called “Burubligay Kita” continued over the course of one month. Here are the details as provided by the members: 
The ESSA Antique Cluster came up with the idea, led by the health sector and their Chairwoman to provide healthy and organic fruits and vegetables to the hospitals here in the province of Antique. Not only to provide food to frontliners but also to promote our advocacy: ” food as a medicine, Eat healthy to own a healthy body”. In these activities the are also helping local farmers by buying their produce, because they are not able to sell in the markets due to lockdown. May these good actions touch the heart of each one of us especially Antiqueños! Despite this pandemic,we can do our own little way to lift up each other. May this simple act of kindness bring hope and impact to everyone.

April 8 – Distributed to ASMGH 5kls of kamote, 5kls of sayote, 6kls of saba, 3 kls of tomato, squash and green papayas.
April 10- Distributed 6 kls of tomatoes,6 kls of eggplant,6 kls of string beans and 6kls of corn for ASMGH.
4kls of tomatoes, 4kls eggplant, 4kls of string beans and 4kls of corn, 3pcs of watermelon, banana saba, 7 pcs of papayas, sarali,calamansi, 1kl okra and sili for AMC.
April 13 -10kls squash,10kls of string beans,10kls of tomatoes,10kls of eggplant,10kls of ampalaya,1.9kls of sili and upo for Ramon Maza Sibalom Hospital. Corn, calamansi and saba.
Avocado, banana bell, Saba, calamansi and corn for AMC
1/2 sack of rice and 4kls calamansi for ASMGH
April 16-1/2 sack of rice,banana, corn and banana bell for St. Peter Seminary. 2 bunches of banana and 4kls of root crops for AMC
April 17- 5th distribution 10kls squash,10kls kamote, 10kls eggplant,10kls tomatoes,10kls string beans, 1 1/4 kl sili, 1kl okra and 10 kls ampalaya for St. Peter Seminary Blue ternate and 20 native eggs.
April 18- 2 bunches of banana, guyabano and root crops for ASMGH. Big squash, okra, eggplant, dried beans, mongo, root crops and cash for St. Peter SeminaryApril 19- 1 basket of healthy avocados for St. Peter Seminary and AMC.
April 26-  9kls of kamote, 4kls string beans,12kls squash,3kls ampalaya, 2kls onion,petchay and banana. Calamansi, okra, papaya and sili for Culasi Hospital.

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