Antique Cluster Health Sector Starts Information and Nutrition Initiatives

Here is a message from the Health Sector of the ESSA Antique cluster describing their efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and health in their province:

The ESSA Antique health sector is promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Food as Medicine. We make sure the farm products provided for the frontliners are organic and healthful. The sources are the ESSA members’ farms and gardens and those of the organic farmers we are helping. We are also encouraging backyard gardening for households and community gardens. But for now our priority are the frontliners because they are the most exposed and vulnerable, some are also getting sick themselves or quarantined. We help them so they can continue helping the sick Antiqueños.

Since Antique became the topnotcher in Panay for covid cases, the doctor members have also started tele consultation/telemedicine because patients are messaging, texting or calling for consultation and advice. The referral hospitals became full and have covid admissions as priority so many are refused admission and are managed at home. We practice according to our specialties but all of us are also Family Physicians. We cater to Medical, OB-Gyne and Pedia patients by utilizing home remedies, DOH recommended medicinal plants, Lifestyle Medicine, Food as Medicine, and some Anthroposophic practices. We usually refer to each other. We also consult and refer patients accordingly, to other specialties.

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