SRI & ESSA Start 4-Month Training with Lambunao Farmers

ESSA, in cooperation with SRI Pilipinas is conducting a season long training on the System of Rice Intensification with 14 farmers and farm owners from Lambunao. They aim to create a community of sustainable farmers in the area that will learn to farm organic rice, record data and create networks of customers and producers. 

This four month long training is offered for free to participants, with all inputs for the demonstration plots to be provided by SRI and ESSA. They will learn sustainable land preparation and fertilization as well as proper farm and finance planning to allow the farmers to reap the profit of his or her efforts. The training will be held in Brgy. Magbato Lambunao. Each participant is asked to prepare a demonstration site where SRI methods can be practiced for a full season. Through a series of lectures and site visits, the trainors aim to ensure that the farmers are able to practice the new, sustainable technology, being supported while learning. The season long training began on May 15 and will run until harvest in August. 

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