New Analysis Concludes Organic Food Really Is Healthier

This article, written by natural health & medicine advocate Dr. Joseph Mercola back in 2014 consolidates most of the data coming out of recent studies and also points out many important facts about chemical residues and GMO’s. He sums these up in six main points:

1. Organic Foods Have Higher Levels of Important Antioxidants

Dr. Mercola points out that organic food has 18-69% more antioxidants than conventional. Antioxidants are responsible for neutralizing the free radicals which cause aging and disease in the body. You can read more about this process here.

2. Nutrient Content in Food Has Dramatically Declined

Since 1925, when farm practices devastated soil ecosystems, food has become drastically less nutritious. This can be attributed among others, to loss of soil microbes, according to Dr. Mercola’s point of view.

3. Contemporary Industrial Agriculture Decimates Soil Microbes

Here Dr. Mercola describes how conventional agriculture is the leading cause of soil loss as well as less nutritious produce. Evidence has shown a shocking lack of life in industrial fields.

4. Pesticide Exposure May Be Greater Than Reported, Thanks to GMOs

The bacteria  Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), produces a pesticidal toxin called Bt toxin. When sprayed as an organic pesticide, it quickly degrades or is washed away. However GMO (or GEO*) varieties have the toxin producing gene added to all parts of the plant, inlcuding the parts we eat, and carry the pesticide in its content till you digest it.

5. The Health Hazards of These Pesticide-Producing Plants.

This Bt toxin has been recorded in high levels in human beings. They are a potential health risk to pregnant women and have proven to trigger immune responses from the body.

6. Why Spraying Antibiotics on Fields Is a BAD Idea

The final point Mercola makes is that herbicides found in conventional practices are also responsible not only for poor produce but also the death of soil microbes. He goes on to say that modern agriculture is harmful for the health of the earth and of humanity.

Editors Note:

This is an excellent and informative article and there is much more to learn than the brief summary above. I highly recommend opening up the article and reading the whole thing. It is full of very interesting details regarding each of the points that he makes.

Dr. Mercola’s article is very confident in asserting that organic produce provides superior health benefits. Antioxidants, less toxic residues and carcinogens, higher nutritional content and less environmental pollution are among the many scientifically proven advantages of consuming organic food.

*GMO food would be more accurately described as Geneticaly Engineered Organisms (GEO1 ). These varieties are not simply modified, as this term could also apply to human-bred varieties(which are just cross-pollinated). These “GMO” varieties are ENGINEERED in labs, through the addition of genes which do not belong to the plant world, in order to grant traits such as toxin resistance, or the aformentioned toxin production. They are unnatural and complete deviations from the natural DNA code of the plant. ,

The final part of the article is very powerful. Here he says: “How can you play your part? The solution is actually quite simple — buy healthy, organic food. One of the best things you can do is to purchase your food from small-business farmers. To help you in your search, I recommend visiting these websites that point you to non-GMO food producers in your area..”

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