More People Are Choosing Organic Food During COVID Outbreak

Health, Sustainability and New Priorities Drive Organic Food Sales

This is an article written on Euromonitor International, a business site and investment, earlier this year. The article highlights how, despite the failing economy there has been a higher demand for organic food than ever before. It is worth noting that this site is note invested in Organic or conventional food, it simply aims to provide data for business, meaning it is impartial and reliable. According to their databases, more and more people have been choosing organic and sales have hit record highs in 2019 and 2020. As per the article:

“High growth rates for organic were seen not only in developed regions such as North America (16%) and Western Europe (9%), but also in developing regions such as Asia Pacific (12%) and Latin America (8%).

The article described three main points as the driving factors behind this increased interest in organic food.

  1. The Focus on Food and Health- During this pandemic people have become more aware of the need for preventative health. Much of the world is beginning to understand that organic food is great for boosting immune health, especially against COVID. People were also more secure in knowing where their food came from and how it was grown since they are aware that harmful chemicals hamper your immune response.
  2. Sustainability and Animal Welfare Concerns- In a 2020 survey, 47% of organic food consumers stated environmental concerns as their reason for choosing an organic diet. They are aware that the less damage is caused to the environment while growing our food, the better our health is in general. In the same survey, 35% of consumers stated the humane living conditions of live stock as their reason for choosing organic.
  3. Changes in Consumer Priorities- As most of the world continues to be under lockdown, the priorities of people are beginning to change as well. Money that was once spent on travel, clothes and eating out is now being redirected towards providing food of the highest quality at home.

Editor’s Note

It is great to hear that organic food is beginning to reach a higher population during this outbreak. It is important for everyone’s health to consume organic food as we’ve described in the past.

Last year in surveys conducted here in the Philippines, 19% of the participants claimed to eat exclusively organic food, with 35% stating the buy organic regularly. 1

However it is also important to note that with this rise of interest in organic food we still need to keep our eyes on what is important when choosing food. That it is sustainably grown, rich in nutrients and minerals and ideally close to it’s natural state.

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