Organic food is Critical for Children’s Health & Development

Organic Food | why it’s critical for children’s health

Julie Daniluk, nutritionist and author wrote this article back in 2018. In it, she points out that an Organic diet, while important for all, is absolutely critical for children.

Children’s brains are still developing and this means that they are much more likely to be affected by toxic pesticides than adults. Pesticide residues in food have been associated with rise of ADHD in children in America. The author herself shared that when they moved away from the large-scale conventional corn farm they lived next to when she was young, her ADHD symptoms greatly decreased.

Apart from that she talks about many of the benefits of organic food. More antioxidants, higher nutrition levels and positive impact on the environment, all of which have direct and indirect effect on children who are more sensitive as they are still developing physically, emotionally and mentally.

She ends by stating that any increased cost that goes into buying organic produce is less than future medical bills.

Editor’s Note:

Organic food is essential for the development of children. While a child is growing every meal is important to establish good long-term health and consciousness. Choosing organic foods reduce the toxins that hamper development and supply the body good nutrition.

Another benefit the article did not mention was that Organic food is important in cultivating a good gut microbiome. Did you know that the nutrients that our brain needs for development cannot be digested by the body? We need our good bacteria to digest and convert it to short chain fatty acids for us. 1

Finally by purchasing organic food we support the conversion towards organic systems, which results in a healthier atmosphere and environment. We all want what is best for our children and switching to organic food is the absolute best choice we can make for their present and future.



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