Elias Graduates as Inner Conditioning Workshop Facilitator, Conducts Workshop at CBE

Elias Romualdez, the 19- year old ESSA Youth Sector council member, has completed his training as an ICW facilitator, concluding his nearly 7-month long preparation by conducting the workshop at The Center for Bayanihan Economics in Angat, Bulacan this past June 11.

There were 36 participants in the 3-day long workshop. Those in attendance were very eager to listen and learn from the young man, including his own parents who experienced the workshop for the first time from their own son.

The Inner Conditioning Workshop is an exploration of self, society, spirituality and ecology that helps participants to examine their lives in a truthful manner as well as find their purpose in helping humanity and the planet. The intensive experience uses logic, information, post-materialist science and interpersonal discourse in order to create in participants a sense of freedom and control of their destiny.

Elias is now an official facilitator for the ESSA ICW 1.0, allowing ESSA President Nick Perlas to focus on ICW 2.0 and beyond. Elias will be travelling around the country to conduct workshops, further advancing our advocacies in sustainability.

Upcoming Inner Conditioning Workshops

July 2-4 ICW for the Youth at CBE, Bulacan

July 12-14, ICW for the Youth at New Lucena, Iloilo

July 16-18, ICW at Life Academy, Sta Barbara, Iloilo

July 19-21 ICW for New Lucena LGU

July 23-25, ICW at San Remejo, Antique

July 30-31, ICW at Davao City


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