In This Time of Pandemic, People are Turning to Organic, Local Farms

COVID-19 has brought with it many challenges, especially due to lockdown. Initially this even created a disruption of food distribution. One year into the pandemic however, we see that more and more rural communities are turning to local organic farmers for their food. These people are remembering that fresh produce is the best way to boost their immunity and health, as well as to support the local economy. Let us take a look at some of the stories from around the world.

Nigerians Turn to Organic Food To Boost Immune Systems

This article, from, shines a spotlight on the region of Abuja, where a company called The Real Farms is supplying local groceries with a range of organic produce, which they turn into cooked meals and smoothies for the community, who are eager to support. They say that the demand for organic food has gone up since the start of the pandemic as people realize it helps their immunity.

India Turns It’s Eyes Towards Sustainability

India is beginning to realize that organic farms are not only good for their nutrition, they are also essential for creating a healthier future. In this article, we can see that demand for organic food has increased and government policies have begun to address the need to convert to organic agriculture.

Provinces In Italy turn to Local Organic Farms for Food To Preserve Traditional Food Culture

This study shows that in smaller provinces in Italy nearly 15% more people have started buying food from local organic farms growing native varieties. During lockdown, there has been an increased interest in cooking at home and traditional Italian recipes have experienced a revival, with organic, native, ingredients at their heart.

Editor’s Note:

It is very inspiring to see these stories start to arise around the world. We can see that people everywhere are realizing that organic food is the best for their health and for the environment. COVID has brought many unfortunate circumstances, but the renewed interest in small farms growing food sustainably is a fortunate result! Here in the Philippines, small farms that do home delivery of organic produce are getting more attention as people focus on health and staying home.

In the Philippines there are many ways to find organic food:

Do your part, for the earth and for your own health. If you live in Metro Manila, you can contact The Center For Bayanihan Economics (CBE), Bulacan or Kai Farms, Cavite, to to have organic vegetables delivered to your doorstep. If you live in Cebu, visit Cebu Farmer’s Market.

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