Nick Perlas Conducts ICW 2.0: From Fear to Hope – Flourishing In The Age of Pandemics

This past May 7-9 and June 18-20 at CBE, Bulacan, ESSA President Nick Perlas conducted the ICW 2.0: From Fear To Hope. This workshop builds on the inner development process that started in the ICW 1.0, and contextualizes it in the current world situation.

A big part of being healthy and functioning during this pandemic (and other times of life) is an awareness of the TRUTH. This is especially important during this time, as there is a lot of misinformation going about in regards to COVID and the pandemic. Through the ICW 2.0, participants are presented with scientific facts and proof that help to lift the fear from their hearts, freeing them to act on their destiny to help humanity and the earth.

There is an extensive scientific treatment of the nature of the immune system and how organic foods are critical in strengthening it. In addition it deals with inner conditioning practices that banish the fear that suppresses the immune system. 1[\efn_note]


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