Magnesium As Multi-Functional Immune Support

Magnesium is an important micronutrient and mineral that our body needs for many essential functions. It is used in regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, nerve health, production of proteins, bones and DNA.

In the immune system, Magnesium also plays a crucial role. It helps to regulate inflammation for one, which is especially important in the light of COVID and the cytokine storms that come with severe infection.

Of great note however, is Magnesium’s role in our adaptive immunity. This is the part of our immune system that combats specific threats. Upon encountering a pathogen, the cells of our adaptive immunity record information on these intruders and produce an army of antibodies which are ready to combat the same virus or it’s variants should the body encounter them,.

Magnesium is needed for our body to produce antibodies, also known as immunoglobins. It is used in the communication between lymphocytes (white blood cells) who recognize threats and communicate them to other white blood cells who then create antibodies. It is also one of the nutrients used in the creation of these cells.

As you can see, Magnesium is important during this pandemic, not only to protect you from viruses, but so your body can learn to protect itself from future threats and variants naturally as well.

New Research has shown that Magnesium is able to enable your Macrophages from type 1 (MP1) to type 2 (M2) 1. M1 produces cytokine and inflammation that is important for your initial response to a virus. After awhile however, it is best that some are converted to M2, which regulate inflammation and help in tissue repair. 2

By the way, the COVID vaccine suppresses your production of Macrophage 2, which is needed to protect us from severe symptoms.

See the chart below for foods rich in Magnesium

1 once = 113g 1 cup= 128g dry food, 240g wet food



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