Anthroposophic Medicine, An Alternative Treatment Method for Viruses

Sometimes, despite all efforts to eath healthy, organic food, bolster the gut microbiome, and stay fear-free in order to boost your immune health, we still get sick. During these times, it is possible for continued food therapy to heal you, however for those who want to take a more direct approach to combating a sickness what are the alternatives?

Anthroposophic medicine is a practice that focuses on bringing the human being into balance, correcting not the disease, but the imbalance that allowed it to enter in the first place. This method was developed over 100 years ago by Rudolf Steiner, the philosopher who also developed biodynamic farming. Along with doctors, they created a system of remedies that allowed the human systems to heal and recover. It is a complex practice that takes into account many factors, and has precise prescriptions for each disease.

As there are many doctors worldwide practicing Anhropsophic medicine, there is constant discourse and study that goes into creating a standard approach to various ailments.

In this link you can find a short discussion on the nature of the COVID virus, followed by the official treatment methods given by anthroposophic doctors.

In an article released by The Guardian UK, the doctors at Anthroposophic hospitals in Germany claimed that they had 50% less deaths than those in conventional hospitals, and much faster recovery times as well.

Anthroposophic medicine is a system that perfectly complements a healthy diet and proper nutrition as an approach to health. If you are familar with the system already, the prescriptions above should be easy for you to understand.

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