Food Profile: Potato

Potatoes are one of the world’s most beloved root crops. Coming in many varieties, these tubers are eaten cooked, in a multitude of different ways. Potato is originally from central America where it was the fuel for the Incan civilization. Spanish colonists then spread them to the rest of the world. They are used as staple foods, being full of carbohydrates that our bodies need for energy, but they also provide a variety nutrients.

100g of Potatoes include 100+% of your Vitamin C and Lutein


Potatoes are very rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant and supportive nutrient for the immune system. It is also required daily to produce new cells. It also has very high amounts of Lutein, an antioxidant that is about 10 times more effective at removing free radicals than others in it’s family (carotenoids).

It also has a better potassium to sodium ratio than Sweet Potatoes.

COVID Resistance:

Vitamin C an essential nutrient in any infection, providing antioxidant activity as well as support for innate and adaptive immunity.

Lutein is an effective antioxidant which quickly binds to free radicals. That frees up the antioxidants that your body produces, like Glutathione to protect your lungs.

Magnesium helps your immune system to regulate itself, reducing inflammation and allowing you to avoid Cytokine storms, which are a leading cause of death from the virus.

Special Information

The plants can be grown good, loose soil full of organic matter that drains well, and also needs cool, highland areas. If you live in a small space, in a cold area you can grown them in a 50 kilo sack. Fill the sack with high quality compost, plant the roots in them and water till leaves begin to sprout. Leave the sack in a sunny spot and water it regularly, although make sure the soil is never too moist. In about 5 months you will find that large clusters of potato have formed in the sack. The leaves of the Potato are not edible.

Choose Organic

Potatoes are mostly grown conventionally. They are also a crop which is heavily fertilized and sprayed with pesticides and fungicides. These chemicals are very harmful to your health and can even make illnesses more severe.

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