We all know that the healthiest food is sustainably grown and fresh. Of course, there is no fresher food than that which you grow yourself. But what if you live in a condominium or small duplex in a subdivision without any gardening space? Even if you have a small yard, you might be wondering if it is possible to grow a significant amount of food. The truth is, as long as you have access to sunlight, you can grow food. Even without it, it is possible to use lights, but this also comes with it’s own issues. In this article, I will make some suggestions of how to grow food in even the smallest of spaces.

Bare Minimum- One Sunny Windowsill

If your living situation only provides you with a single source of natural light, you may be loath to cover it up with plants. If so, you can still grow things in pots on the sill. A 6” diameter pot with good, organic soil in it can support about 3-4 Pechay plants. It takes about 30 days to harvest for Pechay so if you have 3-4 pots, you can plant seeds 1 week apart in each pot. That way, you can have 3-4 heads of Pechay every week. Another possibility is Alugbati. The vine can be given a trellis up to the top of the window, or allowed to drape downards along the side of the building. This will also allow you to have some fresh greens weekly.

Container Garden- Small Balcony or Rooftop

If you have a small balcony or access to a rooftop you will be able to grow a decent amount of food.

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