ESSA Conducts A Series of Inner Conditioning Workshops in Panay

ESSA continued it’s nationwide Initiative of conducting Inner Conditioning Workshops in Panay, thanks in part to the efforts and availability of facilitator and ESSA council member Elias Romualdez.

The ICW is an intensive 3- day long that takes participants through a series of topics such as climate emergency, human freedom & responsibility, post-materalist (spiritual) science and destiny. The workshop ultimately seeks to awaken the true human being in each person, so that they may find their purpose and place in the healing of the earth and humanity.

Antique Cluster, August 22-24

ESSA’s newest cluster (and one of it’s most active) had been established this past March 2021 when they received the Sustainable Agriculture workshop. They have since conducted many of their own initiatives.

They held the ICW in the scenic mountain town of San Remigio, where 11 participants lived-in to make the most of the intense climate created by the workshop. The group, which had already shown themselves to be highly open-minded threw themselves enthusiastically into the workshop, which deepened their knowledge and spirituality.

The already close knit group got even more intimate and just like before, immediately began putting their newfound inspiration into action. After the workshop, plans were immediately hatched for establishing a Waldorf-Steiner School and they were assisted in this endeavor by Kate Esthember, founder of Tuburan Waldorf School. This was also in part inspired by the fact that our workshop facilitators are Waldorf Graduates. They also plan to establish a sustainable demo farm and holistic health center.

New Lucena LGU, August 25-27

The next workshop was conducted for the LGU staff of New Lucena. The municipality is presided over by ESSA council member, Mayor Liecel Seville, and had already been the venue for several ESSA Sustainable Agriculture Workshops. They have also been practicing social-threefolding under on of our partner organizations, SEA.

This workshop further deepened the understanding of the municipal staff of their immense potential and responsibility, both individually and collectively.

New Lucena Youth, August 28-30

The day after, another workshop was held, this time for the youth of New Lucena. These students had also experienced the Sustainable Agriculture workshop, and so they had an idea of some of the ideas that they were to be introduced to. These youth were specifically chosen by Mayor Liecel as they came from a New Lucena high school, which is the only one that offers the Agriculture strand as a SHS program.

The youth were eager to form a group afterwards in order to further their initiatives in sustainable agriculture.

New Lucena Teachers, August 31- September 2

A third consecutive workshop was held at New Lucena, this time for the teachers of the municipality. This made it nine straight days for facilitator Elias. He was undaunted and delivered the workshop with enthusiasm!

The teachers of the municipality were reminded of their responsibility to the children that they teach, and were inspired by the possibility of approaching their work with their newfound paradigm.

Iloilo Province Individuals. Life Bank Acacdemy, September 8-10

The final workshop to be held in Panay was attended by 17 participants from various sectors and organizations. There were some members of CISSA (Central Iloilo Cluster), Private Individuals, Landownders, Artists, Educators, Life Bank Employees, Farmers and Entrepreneurs.

The group was lively and enthusiastic and their mixed backgrounds led to many interesting and engaging discussions. Compared to the other workhops, this one included more youth, which was highly appreciated by facilitator Elias, and they spend many lunch breaks deep in discussion.

This new group will surely bear many new initiatives and ideas that will further sustainable and conscious action in the province of Iloilo.

Thank You to all our ICW participants! We are looking forward to all the work you will do as part of the network.

Stay tuned for news on upcoming Inner Conditioning Workshops.

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