Food Profile: Durian

In my opinion no fruit is as polarizing as Durian. Those who love it say it is the absolute best thing in existence! Then there are those who abhor it’s smell and taste. Durian does have a very remarkable odor. So much so that it is banned on public transportation in some countries. The flavor is also unique. It is somewhere between cheese and candy. Finally there is the issue of the peel. The spiky hard skin of the fruit makes it seem like it has more in common with a medieval weapon than a luxury food. Love it or hate it though, Durian is a very nutritious fruit.

Effects on Immunity

Durian is rich in B Vitamins which play a large variety of roles in your immune system and the rest of your body. B1 and B6 are available in large amounts and are both highly important in managing inflammation.

Vitamin C is also present in high amounts. It is important to intake this nutrient every day as it plays many essential roles in our body.

Finally it also has a very good Potassium to Sodium Ratio. This helps in keeping your circulatory system healthy.


B1, Thiamine– Those with Thiamine deficiency have been shown to have increased inflammation and aberrant antibody activity. Antibodies, as a part of the adaptive immunity are integral in dealing with extended infection as well as variants.

B6, Pyrodoxine- An essential nutrient in COVID infection, this has been proven to inhibit inflammation by modulating the immune system and reducing production of inflammatory cykotines. This is very important as it is the cykotine storms (unregulated inflammation caused by immune cells) which have proven to be the beginning of most severe and fatal COVID symptoms.

Vitamin C- In COVID infection this nutrient is most valuable for it’s antioxidant activity. It is often the first utilized by your body to reduce oxidative stress, freeing up respiratory-specific antioxidants like Glutathione to be available in fighting the virus.

Special Information

Did you know that a natural Durian tree grows to more than 100 feet before they begin to bear fruit? They are also prone to falling down in heavy winds, making them a hazard to nearby houses. If you will plant Durian do not build your house nearby. Many of the commercial farms use grafted plants which allow them to harvest more easily.

The Durian fruit will open on it’s own when ripe.

Choose Organic

Many Durian fruits are grown organically, although some are fertilized using commerical fertilizer.

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