Food Profile: Onion

Onions are perhaps one of the most popular root crops in the world. They are used in a myriad of ways. As an ingredient to add flavor to dishes, caramelized, breaded and fried and even eaten raw in salads or alone. They are also considered a very strong antibacterial. Have you ever had your mother stuff your socks with onions when you were sick? Recently new research has shown that they are extremely rich in Quercetin, a potent Anti-COVID antioxidant that has shown the ability to neutralize spike proteins. Onions contain about 30-40mg per 100g depending on the variety. Let’s take a look at the other potential benefits they provide.

Effects on Immunity

Onions contain a decent amount of minerals and some vitamins, though none in significant amounts, save for Vitamin C, which is highly important for many bodily processes.

They also have a decent Potassium to Sodium ratio (190:4) which means that the more onions you have in your food, the more salt you can consume without experiencing negative effects.

COVID Resistance:

Quercetin– As we mentioned above Quercetin is now under the spotlight as a potent antioxidant in COVID treatment. Aside from it’s ability to bind to and neutralize spike proteins, Quercetin is also able to inhibit inflammation in 5 different ways, helping yo to avoid severe and fatal symptoms.

Vitamin C- This nutrient is one of the first antioxidants utilized by your body, freeing up others like Glutathione and Quercetin to work against COVID infection.

Choose Organic

As a wide scale commercial crop Onions are often grown with a lot of chemicals input. That’s why it is important to make sure to choose organic onions whenever possible.

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