Dihon Sa’ Raya

Reported By Enrique Canizares

The Antique Cluster with its Dihon Sa’ Raya initiative has been very aggressive in grounding the community’s vision. Last October 7, 2021 the group met with Dep-Ed superintendent to discuss the requirements and process to register the school. The team had many questions as it hopes to meet the Dep-Ed requirements but at the same time ensures the integrity of being a Steiner School.

The larger community cluster met again to discuss the groups SEC registration, the organizational structure, the officers and the steps that will have to be taken to prepare and ground for the school, a farm demo site and a holistic learning center.

The group will also be doing a book study on one of Steiner’s basic books “The Study of Man” to deepen plant study and text study on Theosophy facilitated by Kate Estember. The community aims to better understand Steiner Education and Anthroposophy in general.

Editor’s Note:

It’s amazing to see how the Antique cluster intiatives have begun to extend past agriculture and into the conscious betterment of society. Waldorf schools in particular are a great way to bring healing into a society. In fact, ICW facilitator Elias Romualdez is a Waldorf graduate, as am I.

Learn more about Waldorf Education in the Philippines here.


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