Seed saving webinar by sixto bereber

CISSA (Central Iloilo Stakeholders for Sustainable Agriculture) organized a seed-saving webinar facilitated by Mr. Sixto Bereber, a permaculturist, community organizer, and hardinero. It was very clear that Mr. Bereber is a certified practitioner as he wowed participants with his understanding and practical knowledge derived phenomenologically from his observations and practice. This training was specially requested by our farmers as they see the need to improve their seed saving/banking process. The webinar was attended by participants all over the country. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Mr. Sixto Bereber for sharing his valuable time and expertise.

The 2 part training can be viewed here:

Seed Saving Webinar with Sixto Bereber Part 1
Seed Saving Webinar with Sixto Bereber Part 2

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