The Central Luzon State University Extension Center Webinar Series Season 3 has been publishing research-based sustainable agriculture technologies. The topic for the first series is Organic Pesticides and Concoction Production for Vegetable Farming presented by Dr. Jonathan Galindez, OIC-Director, University Extension Center / Head, Ramon Magsaysay Center for Agricultural Resources (RM-CARES) and an active member of ESSA Academe Sector. Dr. Galindez is also part of the network’s Scientific Advisory Council and was a resource speaker during the Organic 4.0 National Conference.

Organic Pesticides or bio-pesticides are safe crop protection products based on microorganisms, plant extracts, and other natural compounds. They are great amendments, especially for small farms and backyard gardens that do not have the space to create a diverse environment where natural pest predators can inhabit. Another important topic that was taken up here is working with microorganisms and ensuring that the soil is alive. This will ultimately support the microorganisms that also support plant growth. The CLSU University Extension Center is ever so kind to share these amazing researches with the public and we hope to share them with the rest of the network, especially the farmer’s sector. For more sustainable agriculture technologies, you can visit CLSU’s Facebook page.

To watch the whole episode, click here.

PDF file of the presentation by Dr. Galindez can be downloaded here.

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