The Pestales Agriculture Cooperative

Jane Entoy, ESSA Council Representative for the business sector shares the story of PAC (PESTALES Agriculture Cooperative), their challenges and struggles when they first founded the cooperative and became an Organic Agriculture Hub in Region 7.

Jane Entoy, together with 23 other young individuals left their jobs in the City to establish what we know now as the PAC located in Argao, Cebu. Their amazing story of sacrifice, determination, and triumph is one of the most painful and inspiring stories we usually see in movies. Here Jane shares a glimpse of their history and how they were discriminated against and accused of being Maute (a rebel group who were popular at that time). During the darkest days of their life, their dogs were killed, and stones were thrown at them in the middle of the night. For years they toiled and sold whatever products they can to survive. They either have to forage for food and share little what they had or endure hunger and get their nourishment through prayer.

Despite these challenges, PESTALES is one of the most successful eco-community in the country. They now have over 200 members that are hard-working and loving to one another. They have also acquired a 6.8-hectare property, a processing plant for their products and are now ready for export, and established an agriculture school within their ecovillage. To learn more about these amazing human beings by watching this video.

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