Neohumanism with Dada Shiveshananda from the Spiritual Sector

A dedicated practitioner of yoga who has devotedly worked as a missionary traveling half across the world. A teacher of Yoga and Taichi for 32 years. Provided spiritual guidance and other practical tools for personal empowerment and healthy lifestyle to people worldwide utilising the Science of Yoga and Taichi. His repertoire includes talks on vegetarianism and on spirituality. Conducted lectures/classes on Science of Yoga and Meditation, Tai Chi, Physiology, Bio-Psychology, Science of Food. Dada as he is known to his colleagues and students has traveled almost our whole archipelago and half across the world to fulfill his mission. His mission is to provide guidance to the whole humanity through lifestyle change by promoting healthy living and the realization of Absolute Truth through meditation and vegetarianism for the benefit of all people and the environment.

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