A Vow for OA of Davao

Organic Agriculture is not expensive and impractical. It just need work and patience, that’s why local government in Davao supports those who initiate in engaging organic farming. It is good that more people are now aware on the harmful effects of synthetic farm inputs in the environment and human health.

Government Support for Organic Agriculture

Organic certification is an advantage. This will allow practitioners to participate in international trade, especially in top global markets such as Germany and France, where demand for organic food and clothing continue to rise. If producers worry about the steep cost of a third-party certification, they can apply for reimbursement with the Department of Agriculture.

The Wood Vinegar : MOKUSAKU

Mokusaku is liquid obtained from oil, juices, sap and other liquid contents of organic
materials such as wood, coconut shell, bamboo, grass, and other plants after being
heated in a chamber. The chamber is heated by burning firewood placed at the base of
the chamber. When these organic materials are heated, their liquid contents evaporate
as steam (gas, smoke). The steam passes through a tube (cooling chamber) where it
will be allowed to cool. When the steam is cooled, the vapor will turn into liquid
(condensation processed). The liquid is what is known as Mokusaku. From the tube,
this liquid is collected in a container.

The Truth about the GOLDEN RICE

Golden rice is genetically modified rice with a gene from the maize plant and a soil bacterium (Erwinia uredovora), which forces the rice plant to artificially express beta-carotene. Golden Rice is a patented rice variety owned by agrochemical giant Syngenta and hailed as a solution to help curb Vitamin A deficiency in developing countries.

The Notions of EM (Effective Microorganism)

The most important goal of organic farming is to produce abundant and healthy crops without the use of any chemicals and without causing adverse effect to our environment. One means of achieving this goal is thru the use of EM (Effective Microorganism) who discovered by Professor Teruo Higa in University of Ryukus, Okinawa Japan. He has been exploring and discovering alternative methods for more sustainable agriculture.

Postharvest Handling of Rice in CBE Farm

Center for Bayanihan Economics (CBE) farm in Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan sustains the excellence in production of organic rice. Handling of rice from harvesting until milling is important as its cultivation stage because it ensures the good quality of rice. CBE’s rice post- harvest production involves threshing, sacking, weighing, drying, storing, transporting, receiving, packing/labeling, and storage.

Agripreneur in Action: Ricardo Sanchez

He started conventional farming in the year 1996. His decision to venture into a more sustainable farming in 2013 was an outcome of the learning and exposures in his membership in Sta Cruz Farmers Association. He attended several trainings and seminars on sustainable agriculture and he was also one of the first batch who attended Organic-based Farm Practices, Social Enterprises Development, and Farmer-Clustering” which was conducted by the Sustainable Agricultural Technicians (SAT) of Lifebank Foundation, Inc. These exposures changed Mr Sanchez’s outlook in farming and environmental protection and he always quoted “Your food is your medicine”, means that whatever you eat, whether it’s bad or good, it directly affects your health. Mr. Sanchez’s main motivation for conversion to organic agriculture is his commitment to produce healthy organic products for his family.

The 25th Agrilink Agribusiness Exhibition

Organized by the Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development, Agrilink is the undisputed leader in agribusiness exhibition which is being held annually in October. It is immediately begin to be the Philippines’ largest annual international agribusiness event from its first show in 1994 which attracts hundreds of exhibitors and visitors. Since 2000, the venue for the Agrilink has been in World Trade Center in Manila. Now on its 25th year, held last Oct 4-6, 2018 Agrilink celebrates with its biggest exhibit yet and one that features the entire value chain from farm inputs up to the retail markets.