Stop Soil Pollution !

Be the Solution to Soil pollution was the central call for this year’s commemoration of World Soil Day headed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to raise awareness and encourage people to take action over the threatening reality of soil pollution. The global community recognizes soil pollution as a hidden danger to people’s health and food security.

A Vow for OA of Davao

Organic Agriculture is not expensive and impractical. It just need work and patience, that’s why local government in Davao supports those who initiate in engaging organic farming. It is good that more people are now aware on the harmful effects of synthetic farm inputs in the environment and human health.

Government Support for Organic Agriculture

Organic certification is an advantage. This will allow practitioners to participate in international trade, especially in top global markets such as Germany and France, where demand for organic food and clothing continue to rise. If producers worry about the steep cost of a third-party certification, they can apply for reimbursement with the Department of Agriculture.

4th Organic Agriculture Month unveiled

Proclamation No. 1030 declaring every month of November as “Organic Agriculture Month”. The commemoration has been part of the main thrusts of DA to propagate and support the organic agriculture industry in the country through various activities and campaigns.

The Truth about the GOLDEN RICE

Golden rice is genetically modified rice with a gene from the maize plant and a soil bacterium (Erwinia uredovora), which forces the rice plant to artificially express beta-carotene. Golden Rice is a patented rice variety owned by agrochemical giant Syngenta and hailed as a solution to help curb Vitamin A deficiency in developing countries.

Mang Kikoy and the Sustainable Society

Francisco “Mang Kikoy” Cacal, a resident from Isabela who primarily relies on agriculture to support his eight children. He’s been greatly affected by the calamity (typhoon and drought) that damaged his crops where there came a time that he lose his hope and wants to quit. The Foundation of Sustainable Society Inc., (FSSI) have way for farmers to solve their problems like Mang Kikoy.

Organic Farming Servants in Cervantes

During Benjamin Maggay’s time as a mayor of Cervantes town, Ilocos Sur, he noticed that whenever their farmers used chemicals, they suffered lung problems two to three days after. He thought organic farming would solve it. His purpose was to lessen the number of farmers who were using commercial fertilizers and pesticides, because these are what’s causing our health problems. So Cervantes ventured into organic farming both as a strategy for agricultural development and as part of the town’s health program.

The Notions of EM (Effective Microorganism)

The most important goal of organic farming is to produce abundant and healthy crops without the use of any chemicals and without causing adverse effect to our environment. One means of achieving this goal is thru the use of EM (Effective Microorganism) who discovered by Professor Teruo Higa in University of Ryukus, Okinawa Japan. He has been exploring and discovering alternative methods for more sustainable agriculture.