The Truth about the GOLDEN RICE

Golden rice is genetically modified rice with a gene from the maize plant and a soil bacterium (Erwinia uredovora), which forces the rice plant to artificially express beta-carotene. Golden Rice is a patented rice variety owned by agrochemical giant Syngenta and hailed as a solution to help curb Vitamin A deficiency in developing countries.

Mang Kikoy and the Sustainable Society

Francisco “Mang Kikoy” Cacal, a resident from Isabela who primarily relies on agriculture to support his eight children. He’s been greatly affected by the calamity (typhoon and drought) that damaged his crops where there came a time that he lose his hope and wants to quit. The Foundation of Sustainable Society Inc., (FSSI) have way for farmers to solve their problems like Mang Kikoy.

Organic Farming Servants in Cervantes

During Benjamin Maggay’s time as a mayor of Cervantes town, Ilocos Sur, he noticed that whenever their farmers used chemicals, they suffered lung problems two to three days after. He thought organic farming would solve it. His purpose was to lessen the number of farmers who were using commercial fertilizers and pesticides, because these are what’s causing our health problems. So Cervantes ventured into organic farming both as a strategy for agricultural development and as part of the town’s health program.

The Notions of EM (Effective Microorganism)

The most important goal of organic farming is to produce abundant and healthy crops without the use of any chemicals and without causing adverse effect to our environment. One means of achieving this goal is thru the use of EM (Effective Microorganism) who discovered by Professor Teruo Higa in University of Ryukus, Okinawa Japan. He has been exploring and discovering alternative methods for more sustainable agriculture.

Leave no Leaves Behind

Leafy vegetables are highly variable group of crop plants that can be defined as vegetables grown for their edible leaves. This group of crops are grown across different areas in our country because the demand is getting higher.

The Cereal Numbers

Filipinos had lived with rice as their primary consumption. But there were certain problems our country is facing due to lack of supply of rice this past few months initiating the price to increase. This problem was caused by the continuous production problem in rice that our farmers were facing because of natural calamities that impact a great deal on our rice harvest. Good to know that there were certain group of people that were collaborating to solve issues regarding this matter.

Agripreneur in Action: Ricardo Sanchez

He started conventional farming in the year 1996. His decision to venture into a more sustainable farming in 2013 was an outcome of the learning and exposures in his membership in Sta Cruz Farmers Association. He attended several trainings and seminars on sustainable agriculture and he was also one of the first batch who attended Organic-based Farm Practices, Social Enterprises Development, and Farmer-Clustering” which was conducted by the Sustainable Agricultural Technicians (SAT) of Lifebank Foundation, Inc. These exposures changed Mr Sanchez’s outlook in farming and environmental protection and he always quoted “Your food is your medicine”, means that whatever you eat, whether it’s bad or good, it directly affects your health. Mr. Sanchez’s main motivation for conversion to organic agriculture is his commitment to produce healthy organic products for his family.

The Green Manuring

Since ancient time, green manuring has been known to its positive role in crop production. This soil ameliorating practice expands its importance in recent years because of the high cost of chemical fertilizers, environmental pollution and necessity of sustainable cropping systems. Green manuring supplements the use of compost. When you need additional organic matter and readily available nutrients, you can use green manures. Green manuring is the practice of turning under the soil living plants at the peak of their growth. This peak is reached right before flowering. Young, leafy part of trees can also be used as green manure. All the plant materials recommended for composting can also be used in green manuring. Wild sunflower is a favorite green manure in Benguet. Legumes, plants that can take in nitrogen from the air through the bacteria that live in the roots, are a favorite material for green manuring.