Tillage: Do it or not?

Tillage is an agricultural preparation of the soil by mechanical agitation of various types, such as gidding, stirring and overturning. The purpose of tillage is to mix organic matter into the soil, to help control weeds, break up crusted soil or loosen up small area for planting. But nowadays, there are conflict on the effects of tillage in the soil. Is tillage really good for the soil?

The Permanent Agriculture

Permaculture is a network of agricultural and social design ideas focused on replicating or directly using the features seen in natural ecosystems. The term permaculture was expanded and conceived by David Holmgren, then a graduate student, and his professor, Bill Mollison, in 1978. The word permaculture initially referred to “permanent agriculture”, but was developed to refer also for “permanent culture.” This is because social aspects were essential to a genuinely sustainable system, as also influenced by Masanobu Fukuoka’s natural farming philosophy.

Agripreneur in Focus: Rudy Enteria

Mr. Rudy Enteria, born in February 15,1969, is a member of Ikabuhi Microfinance Program (IMP). He was married to Mrs. Annaliza Enteria with two children namely Rony and Rea Riza. His farm is in Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan and has a total land area of 2 hectares which is planted with rice and vegetables.

What is OCCP?

Organic Certification Center of the Philippines, originally formed to comply the ISO 17065 requirements, has been established as a distinct and independent organization. Its major role include advocating for and conducting training on organic farming and organic certification. In 2002, under Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), OCCP has been registered as a non-stock corporation whose principal purpose is to serve as an inspection body for food and food products as well as agricultural inputs to cater the agriculture industry and the consumer of certified products. Now, they are focusing on activities for inspection and certification services.

Agripreneur in Focus: Leopoldo Mitra

Mr. Leopoldo Mitra, 59 years old, born in December 31, 1951, is an Ikabuhi Microfinance Program (IMP) member whose main source of income is farming. He owned a 9000-square meter of land that is being used for growing crops which is in Iba O’ste, Calumpit, Bulacan. He was married to Mrs. Josie Mitra and they have a daughter and 2 sons namely Paula, Paulo and Jhon Poul Mitra.

The Horrors of Pesticides

If the word has the suffix -cide in it, then you know it’s about killing something. Pesticides are designed to eliminate insects, fungus, bacteria and other things that fed or nuisance on crops. Farming is a business and some of the farming companies are bottom-line entities in business to make money at any cost. Pesticides are being used to ensure that they will get the crop yield demand every season, no matter how it affects the environment and as well as the consumers.

Agripreneur in Focus: Nanay Yoly

Yoly Riguer’s husband was diagnosed with liver disease, gall bladder stone and fatty liver. For her, this was a big challenge and she believed that it happened because God has a purpose for her to deal with. They reach the help of traditional doctors but it was a failure. Somebody told them to seek some help of an alternative medicine and then she realize that most of the disease came from the food that we intake and how the way we live. Then, she decided to commit on planting on their land by means of organic approach.