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Waste to Help Trim Your Waist

At the Food and Feed Laboratory of the UPLB National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH), researchers Tess Ramirez and Arcie Sapin have found a viable dietary fiber source in the husk that’s discarded after the precious cacao beans have been harvested from the pod to make chocolate. They processed the husk, treated it with enzymes, and developed a powder as food supplement for human consumption.

SEP and SAP Teams explores food processing technologies in UPLB

As the Lifebank’s CBE continue asserting its role on empowering sustainable agriculture, the SEP (Social Enterprise Program) team and the SAP (Sustainable Agriculture Program) team went to University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna to explore food processing innovations and marketing strategies.

Bayani Brew: A Native Refreshment

Bayani Brew is a startup social enterprise that is brewing farm fresh iced tea made from organically grown local ingredients. They draw inspiration from healthy tea recipes found all over the country, and primarily use climate-resilient and perennially-grown crops.