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Leave no Leaves Behind

Leafy vegetables are highly variable group of crop plants that can be defined as vegetables grown for their edible leaves. This group of crops are grown across different areas in our country because the demand is getting higher.

Participatory Guarantee System: The Inclusive Certification

In recognition of the importance of organic agriculture in the Philippines and as support the practitioners, the Government was promoted to pass Republic Act (RA) 10068 or The Organic Agriculture Law. RA 10068 intends to fortify organic agriculture in the country and put in place necessary policies to ensure further promotion and development of organic agriculture and compliance to standards. Fortunately, there is a more inclusive certification known as the Participatory Guarantee System or PGS.

SRI Success Story: the iRelief Foundation Livelihood Recovery and Rehabilitation Program

iRelief Foundation is a non-profit organization established to give support to underprivileged individuals, families, and communities that have been affected by calamities and disasters in hard to reach areas. To extend assistance to affected farming communities, the foundation crafted another project for rice farmers - the technology transfer of Organic SRI (System of Rice Intensification).

Dagyawan: Revival of the Bayanihan Spirit

Dagyawan – a Visayan word that represents the Filipino Bayanihan spirit. The term also refers to the bayanihan group activities of the beneficiaries of iRelief Foundation that help the farmers in their practice of organic SRI technology.

Inclusive Value Chain of Smart Agriculture

LifeBank’s Center for Bayanihan Economics advocates the Inclusive Value Chain of Smart Agriculture as a framework for addressing poverty and food insecurity. The framework serves as basis in crafting the Foundation’s complementary social development programs—Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) and Smart Agriculture Program (SAP).