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Small Farms Can Feed The World

This article, written for children’, as site that advocates the importance of healthy organic food for children, they describe how systems of small farms are better suited to provide food for the world thant the current large scale conventional method.…

Planting seeds of hope in face of a pandemic

This is the story of CAFEi “Grow-it-yourself” Feeding Program and how it grew from 7 families during lockdown and to now, their target of at least 100 families and 46 communities growing their own food. Their vision, in partnership with…

From Zero to PhD: Suzy Dae Guadaña

Sue draw attention during the lockdown when for 3 straight days, there was this woman who had been posting hand-made earrings in exchange for plastic containers, pots and anything she can get her hands on to put soil and grow…

Ka Obet Verzola

I would like to honor a man who had lived a well-lived life, deeply rooted in service and finding happiness in creating each day a better world for his fellow men. I may have spent a brief time with him…

The ‘Ant Man’

Neither Lucio Tan nor Henry Sy serves as the inspiration of this successful organic rice farmer from Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur. Instead, he looks up to a small, yet hardworking ant that dreams big and never gives up. Engineer…

Organic Urban Farming Project Launched at Imus

With the launching of the Organic Urban Farming and to keep it progressive, the city will introduce Demo Farms or the setting up of areas where organic farming can be introduced and taught to farmers, teachers, students, homeowner officers, and members or any other individuals.

JEFSPA Sustainable Technologies

The time has come to recognize the false promise of the green revolution or the “Masagana 99” and for the government to support the real revolution in farming that meets the needs of the local communities and the environment, restores the land and enable the poor to combat hunger, displacement and depletion of our resources and culture. There is a little way that exists that shares sustainable production and consumption, the JEFSPA way!

Bio-Intensive Gardening

Bio-intensive gardening is a modern form of organic gardening that focuses on rebuilding and maintaining soil fertility through nutrient cycling. It is a usable technique, which aims at diversified cropping and bed preparation on small plots of land with maximum yield. It involves harvesting a diverse range of crop varieties that are less susceptible to pest outbreaks. This process has financial gains, preserves indigenous seed varieties and has a good crop sales value.