What is the NICE Platform?

The Network for Information and Collaboration Exchange (NICE) platform is an off-spring of the Smart Agriculture Program (SAP) initiated by the LifeBank Foundation, Inc.

The SAP focuses on laying the ground for forging societal partnerships and innovation centers that seek to help end poverty and achieve food security. As part of establishing innovation centers, the SAP started building the NICE platform as a virtual hub for completed sustainable researches from different state universities and colleges (SUCs), research and development institutions (RDIs), government offices, and civil society organizations (CSOs).


Knowledge Mine.

The NICE Platform, in partnership with the RDIs and SUCs, will be populated with lists of and details on sustainable agricultural researches ready for disclosure. In this manner, we seek to bring the completed researches to wider audience with the hope that doing so will encourage a more active exchanges in ideas, a more inclusive approach to providing solutions, and a stronger societal partnerships.

Healthy community for entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and policy-makers.

The NICE Platform has been developed to cater to its foremost client-the agricultural entrepreneurs or the “agripreneurs”. In this platform, the agripreneurs will find various materials that will aid them in their agriculture enterprises and interact with prospect partners i.e. co-agripreneurs wanting to collaborate or share ideas, processors or buyers interested in buying their produce, or researchers for their inquiries.


What is the story behind the researches? behind the statistics and figures? Through the NICE platform, the spotlight will be focused on the other breed of modern heroes–their faces, the struggles and successes, and the aspirations and inspirations behind every tear and sweat that touch the soil.